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Fluids, Lubircants, & Additives
Machining Lubricants
Fluids, Lubircants, & Additives

Mondello Signature Series by ProBlend

Plus the Full Pro Blend line of products!


Heat Seek Assembly Lube

A product that Joe Mondello helped ProBlend design primarily for Top Fuel racing valve springs and valve train.
It is excellent for complete engine assembly including old style drive chains. We have been using it for over 10 years.
Not only does it stop valve sticking, it eliminates cam and piston failure and skirt skuffing on fresh start up. Excellent
in reducing engine friction heat during initial break in.
Part #2050-4 oz        

Part #2050-8 oz        $13.00
Part #2050-16 oz      $24.00
Part #2050-32 oz      $45.00

Heat Seeker II Engine Oil Additive

A revolutionary Pro-Blend break through to eliminate heat & friction during initial break-in of new performance engines. 
Reduces cam & lifter wear. Lowers oil temp over 57%. Rings seat quickly. Eliminates bearing galling. Use 2oz. additive
per qt. oil in 4 cycle, diesel & air cooled engines.
Part #2060-16 oz     $19.95
Part #2060-32 oz    

Cool Cruisin' Oil Additive Coolant for Harley Davidson

Treats both engine and transmission oil. Test results show drops in engine temp 20-50 degrees with a 50% decrease
in transmission and engine noise. You must try it to believe it!! One Bottle treats both engine and transmission oil.
Part #1200     16oz    $19.95

Mondello: POSI-FLOW 2000 Aluminum Machining Aid

Stops carbide burr loading while porting, polishing or machining aluminum. For all boring, drilling, machining, cutting and surfacing operations.
Part #2010     16oz    $35.54
Also availble by the case or in 1 GAL and 8oz sizes.

Mondello: POSI-FLOW 2000 Valve Seat Machining Aid

Refined and perfected over several years at the Mondello Technical School. This lubricant, which is nearly odorless and non-smoking, produces a perfect valve seat finish without chatter, sticking or non-concentricity.
Part #2020     16oz    

Mondello: POSI-FLOW 2000 Titanium Valve Grinding Aid

The answer to grinding titanium, stainless, stellite and other valves. Provides exceptional surface quality. Increases stone life and reduces cutting temperatures.
Part #2030     16oz    $35.54

Mondello: POSI-FLOW 2000 Dimasheen Honing Aid

Designed for cylinder honing, this honing aid dramatically reduces RA numbers. Stops hone loading, decreases honing time and reduces work surface temperatures.
Part #2040     16oz    $35.54

Air Tool Lube

An industrial giant. It instantly displaces and removes condensation. Dramatically reduces heat. Stops foaming. Reduces corrosion. Easily doubles equipment life.
Part #1710     4oz    $8.36


A pleasure to use. With a consistency of warm honey, this product defies contact of dissimilar or like metals. Not affected by heat, moisture, salt water or corrosion.
Part #1720     4oz    $8.21

Performance Engine Assembly Lube

Blended for all automotive and industrial applications. Eliminates galling, blueing, metal transfer and oil starvation during break-in. Consistency of warm honey. Dramactic cam and valve train life guarenteed. Not a moly paste. The choice of Champion Engine Builders.
Part #4040     4oz    $9.56
Part #4048S   8oz    $18.04

40 Below

Reduces coolant temperature up to 40 degrees. Circle/Drag/Street Rod/Cars/Trucks/Vans/SUVs.
Prevent coolant temperature from rising excessively while vehicle is towing, climing, sitting in traffic, or running with restricted air flow. Originally developed for NASCAR NEXTEL race cars that run under the most severe heat conditions.
Part #4032     16oz    $27.85

Trans Cool

Add to ATF. Reduces fluid temperature up to 57 degrees. Stops excessive wear. Makes older units shift like new. Dramatically improves shifting in hot and cold weather. Easily doubles transmission life. A must for towing, climbing or stop and go traffic. Can increase fuel milage.
Part #4012     1 bottle    $15.15

High Performance Engine Racing Concentrate

Add to severe duty, high stress and performance engines. Cools oil up to 57 degrees. Eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, galling, blueing, metal transfer, valve train drag and oil foaming. Eliminates condensation in gas and alcohol engines. A must for all Circle, Drag, Blown, Turbo, Nitrous, Pro Street adn Marine applications.
Part #1600     16oz    $28.99

Drag Racing Tire Treatment

Improves 60ft times. Reduces E.T. up to 2 tenths. Tires run much cooler and last up to 40% longer. Up to 50% less burn out time required.
Part #6070     128oz  $69.86

TFX-9 Nitro Formula

Add to severe duty, high stress and performance engines. Cools oil up to 57 degrees. Eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, blueing, galling, vavle train drag and oil foaming. Eliminates condensation in gas and alcohol engines. The finest for all Circle, Drag, Blown, Turbo, Nitrous, Pro Street and Marine applications.
Part #8399     128oz  $251.15

Hot Lap Tire Treatment

The undisputed track champion for eight years in a row. Reduces lap time 2-5 tenths. Absolutely undetectable. Guarenteed. Comes in fast and will not go away. Excellent on Enduro Karts. Highly qualified Factory Techs are always available 800-331-9520. This is the single most beneficial race product you can buy.
Part #7000     128oz    $174.60

Cam Shield

Got Zinc? NO!?! Then get it with Cam-shield's revolutionary premium engine products.
Treat all your break-in oil with Cam-shield and be sure to follow Joe's break-in procedure below.
Cam-shield 1 Shot Oil Treatment Anti-Wear/ZDDP. New cam break-in, racing, and normal driving.
CS1S1 $7.50 
Treats 4-6 quarts for normal operation.
CS1S2 $9.95
Treats 4-6 quarts for racing or break-in procedures.
CS1S3 $14.95
Treats up to 8 quarts for racing/break-in or 16 quarts normal.4oz measuring bottle
CS1S4 $23.95
Treats up to 16 quarts for racing/break-in or 32 quarts normal. 8oz measuring bottle

Proper Camshaft Break-In Procedure for all flat tappet camshafts
Always prime a new engine with the correct priming tool. Turn the engine 90 degrees every 30 seconds for two complete revolutions or until all the rocker arms are getting oil then start your engine, run between 1500-1800 RPM steadily for 15-20 minutes. Use 20-40W, 20-50W, or straight 30W oil and do not let the engine idle or vary the RPM during this break-in. Never use any lighter oil during the break-in of an Oldsmobile engine. Break-ins on other engines can utilize
10-30 and 10-40 racing oils.



The full line of Torco Oil products is offered by JMRE

MPZ Assembly Lube by Torco Oil designed for high performance lubrication when assembling your heads with
new valve springs. Increase spring tension 10-15 lbs. Reduces temp 150-200 degrees. Don't ever assemble
heads dry. Always use assembly lube!
Part # MPZ     10.8oz spray can


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