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Tech Line Coatings
Tech Line Coatings


Features and Benefits of Tech Line Coatings

  • Increased horsepower and torque

  • Increased lubrication protection

  • Reduction in friction

  • Reduction in part temperature

  • Increase combustion chamber efficiency

  • Reduction in detonation

  • Oxidize fuel more efficiently

  • Shed carbon

  • Keep heat in the combustion chamber and exhaust system

  • Disperse heat from intake manifolds, cylinder heads, oil pans, brake components, wheels, alternators, and carburetors

  • Reduce thermal transfer into intake manifolds, cylinder heads, and brakes

  • Reduce corrosion and chemical damage to parts

  • Reduce fuel separation and drop out

  • Increase port and exhaust velocity

  • Extend part life

  • And much, much more!

Various Coatings on their applications 
Pistons with a thermal barrier top, lubricant skirt, and oil/heat shedding bottom coatings

Connecting rods with an oil shedding coating and bearings with a dry film lubricant coating.

Below: Top Manifold is a Brand new never used surface
Bottom Manifold is a 35+ year old Manifold after being coated with TechLine's CermaKrome

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