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Camshaft Theory
Street Olds 455
Street Olds 350
Drag Race 408 Mopar
Ford 400M - New life for an old truck.
427 Ford Windsor
347 Ford
Pump Gas EFI 474 Olds
CJ's Pump Gas 463 SBO
Street Olds 350
Excellent example of a "stock appearing" 350 Olds for street use.

350 +.030
ARP main studs, rod bolts, head bolts
Stock crank
cryo'd factory rods
Speed pro forged pistons & moly ring set
9.8 compression
ACL bearings
Cloyes timing set
Mondello thrust button
Comp 42-223-4 XE268H
Comp lifters, springs, retainers, locks
Comp adjustable valvetrain kit (roller tip rockers)
Si Valves 2.0int 1.625exh
#5 heads, filled crossover, bowl ported exh, bowl and runner ported int (nothing overly extensive)
Edelbrock Performer intake - ported to anti-reversion kit and matched to heads
RIF RAF Q-jet ani-Reversion kit
Factory Q-jet with Cliff's kit
Felpro gaskets and seals
HEI distributer w/pertronix upgrade kit
MSD "street" wires
NGK V power plugs
Std volume melling oil pump/ stock oil pan
Professional Products balancer
Stock flex plate, valve covers, water pump, timing cover, timing pointer, & misc etc
Hooker "competition" headers

401HP & 440ftlbs on 91 octane

Home ProductsContact UsAboutFAQServicesBuilds and Tech Articles