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Freeze it, Shake it- Shake it, Freeze it
Machine it, Blueprint it, Professionally build it
Camshaft Theory
Street Olds 455
Street Olds 350
Drag Race 408 Mopar
Ford 400M - New life for an old truck.
427 Ford Windsor
347 Ford
Pump Gas EFI 474 Olds
CJ's Pump Gas 463 SBO
Drag Race 408 Mopar
Factory 360 Block                        
Molnar Crankshaft
Scat rods
Wiseco Pro Series pistons
Total Seal rings
King Bearings
Pro Gram steel main caps
ARP Fasteners
Edelbrock magnum heads - max porting
Mopar single plane intake
Holley 750DP
Comp Cams 4 Pattern cam
Comp Cams solid roller lifters
Comp Cams pushrods
MSD ignition
Mopar timing chain tensioner
Pro Products SFI balancer
TCI SFI flex plate
Harland Sharp rocker arms
Jones drive system
Cometic head gaskets
Felpro gaskets
NGK spark plugs
Torco 40w break-in oil
Reher-Morrison anti-reversion kit
Dyno'd w/110 octane

Home ProductsContact UsAboutFAQServicesBuilds and Tech Articles